World Hemophilia Day 2019: The Hemophilia Society of Malaysia embraces the spirit of “Reaching Out”.

‘Reaching out’. Such was the spirit of 2019 World Hemophilia Day (WHD). The Hemophilia Society of Malaysia (HSM) carried the torch of this spirit in the Fun Walk and Fun Run that was organised for the WHD celebration.

WHD 2019

Malaysia’s bleeding disorder community descended into the tranquil estate of Kinta Riverfront Hotel in Ipoh, Perak on 14th April 2019 for the annual celebration. Smiles and laughter abounded as persons with hemophilia (PWH), family members and treaters rekindled with acquaintances and familiar faces from time past.
Over a hundred runners showed up for the Fun Run and Fun Walk. The encouraging number of participations from the locals and HSM’s supporters speaks volume about the reach of this event and the awareness that it generated.

Furthermore, the buzz from the short distance cardio activity didn’t just end at the finishing line! HSM’s booth experienced a flurry of activities as support from the public came in the shape of enquiries and signed HSM membership forms

WHD 2019

The celebration’s focal point of awareness was reflected in the sharing of experiences among parents of PWH. To top it all, Dr Jameela Sathar, the Head of Hematology Department of Ampang Hospital, gave valuable insights on the future of hemophilia treatment in Malaysia. She also summarised the protocols of Ampang Hospital’s Hemophilia Treatment Centre (HTC) in improving treatment compliance and fostering patients’ independence.
In short, the crux of this year’s WHD was perfectly expressed by Mr Taqrir Akramin Khalib, the president of HSM:
“By celebrating World Hemophilia Day with HSM stakeholders and the public, we hope we can bring the awareness of rare bleeding disorders to greater heights. Support from the masses is crucial to counter the misperceptions and stigma of bleeding disorders. Membership drive such as the one we had today will build the foundation for a stronger membership base and patients’ registry. These are the figures that we use to lobby for better treatment and support for Malaysia’s bleeding disorder community.”
Taqrir Akramin Khalib